Lip Care is Important: It Speaks To Your Oral Health

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Lip Care is Important: It Speaks To Your Oral Health

Lips come in all sorts of beautiful shapes, sizes, and colors, but they also serve some very important functions. Our lips help us form words, express our emotions, show affection, and enjoy our favorite foods and drinks. They even help protect our oral health! 

There’s much more to a pair of lips than meets the eye—here’s why lip care is so important.

Your Lips and Your Dental Health

So what does your dental health have to do with your lips? 

Well, your lips help slow the deterioration of your teeth and gums by keeping saliva in your mouth and keeping it hydrated. They also keep debris and dirt that could scratch your teeth and gums away from the inside of your mouth.

Are you reaching for your lip balm a little too often? You might need to drink a glass of water, too. Dry or chapped lips are one of the first signs of dehydration. If your lips are dehydrated, your mouth is probably dry as well. 

Dry mouth can cause all sorts of oral health issues, including:

  • Less saliva production
  • More bacteria and plaque
  • Mouth sores 
  • Gum and tooth infections
  • Bad breath


Why Lip Care Is Important for Your Dental Health

Taking care of your lips is important because of all the work they do to protect your teeth and gums. Paying attention to them can help prevent dehydration as well as the infections that cause cavities and gum disease.

Cracked, bleeding, or burned lips can easily become infected due to their exposure to food and the environment. Since the food you eat passes through your lips, it might come into contact with bacteria and spread infections to your mouth.

However, proper lip care can help prevent these issues.

Three Tips for Healthy Lips

1. Do Not Lick Your Lips

Your saliva contains enzymes that help start the process of breaking down food. Adding saliva to your lips can irritate their delicate skin and make them dry or chapped.

2. Apply SPF

Protecting your lips from the sun is a great way to prevent burns. 

3. Moisturize

Hydration starts from within, so always drink plenty of water. However, sometimes our climate makes it harder for our lips to hold moisture in. Applying lip balm daily and exfoliating your lips once a week can keep chapping away. 

Dental Care That Looks at the Whole Mouth—Lips Included! 

Caring for your dental health means caring for your entire body. Proper lip and dental care can lead to a healthier body and mind. After all, there are links between your dental health and what you eat or how you feel

Our goal at Hicks Dental Group is to provide you with dental care that shapes your life in positive ways. We know the importance of loving your smile and feeling good about your dental health. If you’re looking for a holistic dental experience, contact us today to make an appointment.




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