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causes of jaw pain

7 Surprising Causes of Jaw Pain

If you suffer from jaw pain, you’re not alone. Jaw pain is a common condition among adults, but the causes can vary greatly, making it difficult to diagnose and treat. Your dentist here at Hicks Dental Group in Prescott will conduct a thorough exam to...

September 5, 2019

old couple smiling tips for denture care

6 Tips for Denture Care in Prescott, AZ

Caring for your dentures is just as important as keeping natural teeth clean. But the process is a little different than simply flossing and brushing your teeth. For that reason, our team at Hicks Dental Group in Prescott would like to offer a few tips...

August 22, 2019

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Hicks Dental Group is a 4th generation family owned General Dental Practice providing dental services in Prescott, Arizona and the surrounding area. The Hicks family has been in dentistry since 1933, and has established a reputation of providing quality dental care. Today two brothers, Dr. Paul W. Hicks and Dr. Scott E. Hicks, are continuing the tradition as dentists in Prescott, AZ.

After graduating from the USC School of Dentistry In 1933, Dr. Taylor Hicks Sr. returned to his hometown and started his dental practice in Prescott Arizona. His career spanned 50 years. During that time he raised his family and became active in the community and education. He served as mayor of Prescott and was active on several state and local school boards. His contributions to education were recognized in 1972 when Taylor Hicks Elementary School was named in his honor.

His sons, Dr. Taylor Hicks Jr. and Dr. Paul H. Hicks, followed his lead and pursued careers in dentistry as well. After completing their education at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry, they too returned to Prescott, to begin their dental career.

Dr. Taylor Hicks Jr. Specialized in Orthodontics and began his practice in 1972. Upon his retirement he passed the reins to his son-in-law Dr. Fred Fenderson, who continues the orthodontic practice today. Dr. Paul H Hicks set up his dental practice next to his father’s in 1963. His sons Dr. Paul W. Hicks and Dr. Scott E. Hicks joined him in 1988 and 1993 respectively. Collectively they formed the Hicks Dental Group in 1994. After 33 years of practice, Dr. Paul H. Hicks retired in 1996. Today Dr. Paul W and Dr. Scott continue the long family tradition of providing high quality dental care in a caring modern environment.

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