I have been with Hicks Dental Group for more than Ten years, my teeth are very healthy and happy. I highly recommend Hicks Dental Group for all of your dental care.
Jason B.
Great dental group and the most beautiful office I have ever been in!!!!
Judi H.
I’ve been going to Hicks for two-plus years now and I love how it’s always effective, professional and friendly service from the whole team - dentists, hygienists and administration.
Tim J.
Been going to Hicks Dental for 15 years. The best dental group in Prescott! Great office staff.
Edward S.
They stay on the leading edge of technology. The dental procedures are 99.9% painless. Everybody knows their job and does it well. The dentists and staff are all around great people.
Jim H.
I look forward to my appointments with Hicks Dental. The entire staff is very friendly. You will very welcomed and the ambience is incredible. I have never experienced such a warm and very kind Dentistry as Hicks. I have been a client for over 8 years.
As always, a short wait; thorough care; great advice on toothcare.
Doc H.
My first visit was yesterday. Friendly and helpful staff. Dr. Paul Hicks was very professional and let me know exactly what he was doing and why he was doing it. He and all the staff made me feel very comfortable. The price was no more than my previous dentist. I am glad I found Hicks Dental Group and will be using them now as my regular dentist.
Tom H.
Very attentive dental care from the entire staff and the Doctor Hicks brothers, soon to be joined by one son. Dr. Paul Hicks has been our regular dentist as well as emergency rescue for dental injuries.
J.R. M.
I always feel well taken care of either when I have my teeth cleaned or I am having dental work. I highly recommend Hicks!
Gabriel K.
Very detailed. I learned things about my dental care I had never been told before. Great work. Friendly people.
RichC C.
I was so happy to find Hicks Dental Group when we moved to Prescott six years ago. A warm and friendly office, that practices state of the art dental care. I was a dental assistant for almost 10 years, I always look for a dentist who has graduated from USC. The gold standard of dental schools!
Donna V.
For professional friendly sensitive office. This is the place to go. I live in William's and travel to Hicks Dental in Prescott. They were recommended by my former Dentist and very grateful. The whole office is wonderful. They are concerned about your comfort during procedures. Number 1 on my list.
Pamela W.
They replaced a damaged tooth with a new implant. Process took a while but results are great! ... they took care of everything .... no bumps in the road.
Scott S.
I break a denture tooth about once a year, and every time they schedule me in first thing the next day after I call. The repair is always completed by the same afternoon and done with excellence. Cost is very reasonable.
Jon W.
Professional and educational.
The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. The hygienists on staff are top notch and Rhea McCullough specifically is SUPER FANTASTIC!
Jarrod F.
My family has known this family for decades. They are first-class people, professionals, and very smart. I would recommend them to anyone that needs a compassionate, professional, and competent dentist in the Prescott area.
Phil O.
What a great experience.! It was painless they had the latest technology to make the experience happen in one visit. I would recommend this location for any dental work if you are in the Prescott Arizona area
Alex 75man
We've been with them for over 15 years. Regular cleanings and check-ups plus needed detail work. Staff is professional, always friendly and cheerful. Christina tells stories and jokes while cleaning your teeth.
John O.
After having been with a dentist for decades where I previously lived, I was naturally apprehensive about going to someone new. I was recommended to Hicks Dental and will forever be grateful. Beautiful office; kind and caring staff and Dr. Scott is just great. I had a crown done yesterday and was able to walk out with the new permanent crown in the same visit. Making the crown looked like space-age technology! Fascinating! They have my business as long as I am in Arizona!
Jenelle B.
Hicks Dental Group is the BEST group in town! Scott, Paul and the entire staff are wonderful! Thank you for taking such great care of me and my mouth. And a special thank you to Denise for being my hygienist for many years. I am very jealous of Denise because she is back in the BEST state in the Union! I would highly recommend this dental group to anyone!!!
Lynn S.
Absolutely the best! The dental office is welcoming and warm and beautiful. Not like being at the dentist at all. Very friendly and caring office. Dr. Scott is great and I look forward to finishing my work with him. Rhea my hygienist, is the best one I have ever gone to! I cannot express enough how good she is. I actually look forward to the quarterly deep cleanings that previously were intensive pain at other offices. I feel fortunate to have found this dental office and I highly recommend them!
Stephen B.
They do good work. They take their time to make sure the work they are doing is good quality work.
Brian D.
I have been coming to Hicks dental group for 20 years and am happy with the service. Doctor Scott is not too talkative but a great dentist Coleen does a great job as well.
Mike R.
Awesome experience! We love Dr. Scott and Christina and the whole office staff!! Thank you to you all!
Peggy S.
Happy and friendly professionals.
Diana E.
Dr. Hicks is the best. I needed a procedure done very quickly before Christmas Day and he was able to do it. My teeth look beautiful! Thank you!
Margie P.
Hicks Dental Group did an amazing job of easing my fears and anxiety over the procedures that were necessary. Hicks Dental Group is the most technologically advanced dentist I have visited around the country.
Craig A.
For someone who's a nervous wreck when they go to the dentist, they all made me feel so at ease. Everything went so smooth. I love my dentist and the staff.
Kirstin F.
Excellent and comprehensive service from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave: friendly and helpful front office, skilled and careful and caring hygienists, patient and experienced xray tech, great leadership dentist, and extensive in-house labs.
David N.
What a great experience! It was painless they had the latest technology to make the experience happen in one visit. I would recommend this location for any dental work if you are in the Prescott Arizona area.
Joseph D.
Simply the best! From treating routine cleaning to the most high end procedures this team attains the highest levels of professionalism, caring and concern. The office is welcoming and warm, the office support is top notch and the dental group of hygienists, dental assistants and dentists is so superior it's hard to imagine going anywhere else. My entire family goes here and we are so glad we have a hometown dental group that makes you feel that you are truly part of the family.
Lisa S.
Hicks Dental Group is the most knowledgeable, friendly, and flexible dentist I have ever had. I am a long-time patient and hope to continue for many years.
Kimberly M.
Dr. Paul is awesome. I was referred to him by a colleague after moving to Prescott Valley. He and his staff (front desk and hygienists) are always helpful, supportive and nice. Dr. Paul has made my smile more beautiful then I ever thought possible. I no longer hide my teeth. Thank you to Dr. Paul and his staff for making the transition to a new dentist easy and enjoyable!
Stephanie R.
My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Scott Hicks for nearly 10 years now. The front desk and dental hygienist make you feel welcome the moment you walk through the door. I have had several crowns and I appreciate Dr. Scott's attention to making sure the patients are comfortable and his attention to detail in making sure the crowns are a great fit. A ultimate professional!
Rex B.
Dr. Paul Hicks and staff are the very best!
Raf P.
I first visited the Hick's Dental group three years ago as I began the lengthy process of dental implantation. I was overwhelmed and quite intimidated by the journey that I was facing. Dr. Paul and his staff literally took me by the hand and gently educated me in the implantation process. I found that my fear of the unknown fell away and I became eager to get started. Dr. Paul worked closely with Dr. Jirsa, each of them coordinating and completing the various stages needed. One year later my mouth was finished and the result was even better than I had hoped. I am so grateful to the Hick's Dental Group for the care and excellence that they provided me. This kind, nurturing and compassionate environment is unlike any other dental practice I have encountered. I have recommended Dr. Hicks to many friends and coworkers. Especially to those with ``troubled`` mouths. Believe me, if it's in a mouth, and it needs fixing, Dr. Hicks can fix it.
Mary G.
Recently I lost the connection between a bridge and a permanent tooth. When I went in to Hicks Dental Group, Dr. Scott told me he had to make a new bridge. When I went in to get the work done on Monday, I asked if they could just put a filling in and re-connect the bridge with the tooth. This way I could save some money. He thought about it, looked at it again and told me he would try to do that. He said he didn't know how long it would last, but if he did it could last just as long as a new bridge. So, they did the work. It went really well. It healed nicely and I am doing great.

Hicks Dental Group has always treated me so well. Their father was my dentist before I went to Dr. Scott. I really like them. They are very gentle and very knowledgable. I wouldn't switch because I like their quality and they have always taken good care of me.