What To Eat After Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

What to eat after wisdom teeth removal

What To Eat After Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you’re about to undergo wisdom teeth removal surgery, you probably have a lot of questions about the healing process. One of the most common things patients wonder is what to eat after wisdom tooth removal. Many people worry the pain will be so severe that chewing will be impossible for days. At Hicks Dental Group in Prescott, we are here to assure you that the healing is not as painful or as lengthy as many people fear. Following your doctor’s list of what to eat after your wisdom teeth removal, and remembering not to rush the process, will ensure the healing process goes smoothly.

Day of the Procedure

For the first day or so after your surgery, you may be so worn out that you don’t even want to eat. But you will get hungry eventually! Stick to foods that are easy on your mouth for the first few days.

  • Liquids. Chewing is a tall order during this time, so embrace food that doesn’t need to be chewed. Smoothies, juices, and milkshakes are great choices. But, no straws—these increase the chances of developing a dry socket.
  • Cold foods. Yogurt or ice cream have proven to bring comfort in the days right after wisdom teeth surgery. 
  • Cooled-off or cold soup. It’s not a great idea to eat hot foods after wisdom tooth surgery, but soup that’s been cooled off is a great choice. Try less chunky soups (such as tomato), or run the soup through a food processor before eating.

What to Eat in the Days That Follow

Because eating is likely to cause mild discomfort at first, it’s important to pace yourself. Once you start feeling better, though, you’ll “graduate” to slightly denser foods.

  • Soft foods. During this stage of healing, go for foods that are soft, like salmon, JELL-O, or oatmeal.
  • Mashed foods. Think applesauce, mashed potatoes, or guacamole (minus the chips). Get creative—maybe you can mash up some bananas and eat them with melted chocolate for a healthy, soothing snack.
  • As you heal, go a little firmer, with foods such as eggs and vegetables.

An Important Note

Although you’re in the process of healing from surgery, don’t go overboard with unhealthy foods. A little ice cream is fine, but keep in mind that too much sugar is detrimental to your oral health in the long run. Make good dietary choices as often as you can.

What NOT to Eat After A Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • Small grains. Rice and quinoa seem like they’d be easy to eat after surgery. But getting a piece stuck in the extraction site can cause serious issues.
  • Spicy foods. Strong flavors like curry or chili powder sting the mouth. Don’t subject yourself to extra pain while your mouth is healing.
  • Alcohol

Also, please note that you must not smoke for at least three days after surgery.

Referrals to the Best Wisdom Teeth Surgeons 

At Hicks Dental Group, we’re happy to provide you with the best dental services around. We’re also happy to refer you to the best dental surgeons in the Prescott area for your wisdom tooth removal. Come in for a consultation to discuss your options.

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