How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy During Halloween

woman dressed as a vampire -dental hygiene tips for Halloween

How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy During Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for children and adults alike. Free candy, fun parties, and interesting costumes make the holiday fun, but it can be dangerous for your oral health. Understanding the risks can help you keep your mouth healthy for all the boo-tastic fun this season. 

Candy and Tooth Decay

Your diet and your oral health are closely linked. A well-rounded, healthy diet is one way to keep your mouth healthy. But during fun holidays like Halloween, it can be easy to forget. After all, who else is going to eat all the candy the trick-or-treaters left behind? You shouldn’t waste it.

However, excess sugar on your teeth can speed up decay, making cavities a scary reality. So what is the best way to combat decay? You guessed it—a toothbrush and some mouth rinse

Keeping up with your daily oral hygiene is extra important if you’re snacking on candy. But it isn’t all you can do to help keep your teeth healthy. After binging on the mini candy bars and watching horror movies, a quick brush and rinse can help clear away the cavity-causing bacteria and sugar on your teeth. Brushing your teeth can help you fight tooth decay before it becomes a problem.

Some Halloween Costumes Can Damage Your Teeth 

Dressing up can be exciting, and it’s the extras that really make a costume pop. Whether it’s vampires with dripping blood and sharp teeth, or zombies with blacked-out teeth and gashes, using makeup and props to go all-out is always fun. However, misusing these products can be potentially disastrous for your teeth.

Cosmetic Products Can Stain Your Teeth

Products like fake blood or blackout tooth covers could stain your teeth. If this happens, gently buff the teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and some toothpaste. If the toothpaste does not remove the stain, try using some baking soda mixed with water. If the stain remains for longer than a few days, you may need to visit your dentist to learn more about whitening your teeth. 

These same types of cosmetic products could also hurt your mouth if you have open wounds like cancer sores or delicate gums. Other products, like skin glues, can damage the sensitive skin on your lips. So be sure to test any cosmetic products before you apply them. 

Fake Teeth Can Also Cause Damage

The vampire fangs and other fake teeth are all fun and exciting until they get stuck. If you plan on using fake teeth, you must read and follow the directions carefully. Misuse of the products or improper mixing of glues could lead to the fake teeth becoming stuck. (Never use adhesives like super glue on your teeth!)

If your vampire fangs get stuck, try not to panic. Using tools to pry the fake teeth off could crack your teeth or cause other permanent damage. If you are not in pain, call your dentist to schedule an urgent appointment. 

Dental Care That Isn’t So Scary

Vampires, witches, and ghouls all need excellent dental care—especially if they are humans in disguise! If you find yourself with tooth pain after too much candy, a discolored tooth, or some permanent fangs, we can help. 

With personalized care that focuses on making sure that you are well taken care of, our offices are never frightening. Here at Hicks Dental Group, we have the knowledge to help you through any dental problem, big or small. Contact us today to make an appointment. 




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