Dental Bridges Fill in the Gaps of your Dental Care

dental bridges fill in the gaps - close up of profile of teeth and mouth

Dental Bridges Fill in the Gaps of your Dental Care

Modern dentistry offers many solutions for dental needs, including the replacement of a missing tooth or teeth. Whether that gap in your smile is from tooth decay and loss, or trauma to the mouth through injury or accident, Hicks Dental Group can help fill in the gaps of your dental care with a dental bridge.

A dental bridge replaces your missing tooth or teeth. Bridges are usually made out of a type of metal, such as gold or an alloy, but they can also be made from porcelain. The dental bridge uses the existing teeth surrounding the missing tooth as structural support. To replace a missing tooth, your dentist first makes a mold of the teeth around the gap. The mold is then sent to a lab, where a custom-made dental bridge is created that fits your mouth’s dental shape and appearance.

While waiting to receive your final, custom-fitted bridge, we’ll shape the teeth in the area around the missing tooth to provide the necessary support. Then, until the permanent dental bridge has been created, we’ll fit you with a temporary dental bridge that helps protect your gums from possible infection and gives you back your warm smile.

A follow-up appointment is the final step to inserting your newly created, customized dental bridge.

At Hicks Dental Group, we have a number of solutions to offer you for all your dental needs. Whether trying to fix the aesthetics of your smile, or meeting your restorative dental needs, Hicks Dental Group is ready to come alongside and help you achieve your dental goals.

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