About Us

Hicks Dental Group is a family owned third generation dental practice in Prescott Arizona. The Hicks family has been in dentistry since 1933. In 1996 the practice was organized as partnership, known as Hicks Dental Group. Currently, the two brothers are continuing the family practice.

Our Doctors

Paul W. Hicks, D.D.S.

Dr. Paul Hicks joined his father in 1988. He earned his Bachelor of Science in General Biology from the University of Arizona and his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. He and his brother, Dr. Scott, are both third-generation USC dentists. Upon completing his education at the University of Southern California, Dr. Paul received an award in “Fixed Prosthodontics” presented by the faculty. Dr. Paul is a member of many professional organizations such as the American Dental Association, Arizona State Dental Association, and the Northern Arizona Dental Society, where he is also a past president. In addition, Dr. Paul is an active member of the community: he has served as President of the Kiwanis Club of Prescott, Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 6, and has held various youth sports programs. He is involved in Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters program. He enjoys cycling and hiking and the outdoors in his spare time.

Scott E. Hicks, D.D.S.

Dr. Scott Hicks, a true native to Prescott, received his formal education at the University of Arizona, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. Dr. Scott proceeded to earn his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Southern California, prior to joining his father and brother in practice in 1993. He is a member of numerous professional organizations, including the American Dental Association, Arizona Dental Association, Northern Arizona Dental Society, Delta Sigma Delta Professional Fraternity and past member of R.V. Tucker Cast Gold Study Club. Dr. Scott is also very active in the community. He is currently serving as a member of the Governing Board for Prescott Unified School District. He is a past president of the Rotary Club of Prescott and also an active leader of Boy Scout Troop 1. As a member of the Central Arizona Model Railroad Club he spends spare time sharing his hobby with others.

Meet the Staff

Our friendly, dedicated, and energetic team is committed to working with you and your family to create a positive experience every time you visit our practice.

Front Office
  • Susan

  • Shannon

Dental Assistants
  • Diane

  • Jessica

Registered Hygienists
  • Christina

  • Colleen

  • Darcy

  • Tina

  • Nicole

Our Technology

The CEREC 3D measuring camera scans the prepared tooth in just a few seconds. This eliminates the need for unpleasant silicone impressions.

CEREC restorations are milled out of a solid ceramic block in just a few minutes. They are then ready to be placed immediately. This eliminates the need for temporary fillings and crowns. It also means that you need only one appointment. And you don’t have to wait for weeks until the ceramic restoration is finished.

Because CEREC restorations can be placed immediately, you need only one appointment. And you benefit from tooth restorations which have demonstrated their durability time and time again.

Dental x-rays, known as radiographs, are essential diagnostic tools for the prevention of serious dental diseases and complications. They provide the dentist with valuable information not available through a regular dental exam. Identifying such problems early saves you time, money and unnecessary pain.

Patients often wonder if digital dental x-rays are safe. While x-rays do use low-level radiation to capture images, the amount of radiation exposure a patient receives from a full mouth series of dental x-rays is equal to what a person normally receives in a single day from natural sources present in our everyday lives. With precautions in place, x-rays are perfectly safe.

Dental x-rays are not taken on every check-up visit. A full mouth series is recommended for new patients and is generally good for four to six years. Bite-wing x-rays (x-rays of top and bottom teeth biting together) are generally recommended once or twice a year.

While X-rays provide valuable information that we can’t get from any other source, they can’t show you everything that’s going on in your mouth. That’s why we have invested in an intraoral camera, a highly advanced piece of diagnostic equipment, which allows you to see what we see inside your mouth.

The intraoral camera is approximately the size of a dental mirror. It serves as a tiny video camera that allows us to zoom in on one tooth, and give you a “video tour “ of your entire mouth. The images are displayed on a computer monitor, so you’ll be able to see problems such as worn or broken fillings, cracked teeth, plaque deposits, cavities NEXT to filling and excessive wear.

We use a diode laser as an adjunct to many procedures. A diode laser is a safe and COMFORTABLE method to achieve control of bleeding and remove excess tissue It allows us to perform these procedures at a higher LEVEL OF QUALITY.

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