Toothpaste Guide


Toothpaste Guide

Have you ever wondered what toothpaste is the best? Hicks Dental Group in Prescott, Arizona is here to help. There is a lot to take into account when buying a toothpaste. Do you need whitening? Do you need one that targets bad breath? Is there one that addresses sensitivity? Is there one that encompasses all? These can be a list of the questions you have when in the store staring at the wide variety of toothpastes that can be offered. It can be overwhelming.

The main goal of toothpaste is to clean your teeth and assist you with great oral health. To fully understand your personal oral health needs, schedule an appointment with your dentist for personalized help. Your friendly dentist can help narrow down the toothpaste that would be the best for you.

Each toothpaste is uniquely different, and created with different areas that they target.

Tartar Control

It is essential to find a toothpaste that helps clean your teeth and prevents tartar build up. This type of toothpaste is best to help break down the plaque on the teeth and prevent it from hardening. It is important to note that tartar control does not remove the plaque that has already built up below the gum line, but rather prevents it from forming.


Who doesn’t want a whiter smile? As most products now have some whitening properties in them, there are specific toothpastes that use peroxide in them to fight the stains on your teeth. While it can be effective to reducing the stain on the outward enamel, the peroxide can also help fight gingivitis and periodontal disease. It’s important to feel comfortable with your smile and whitening can be helpful in that. However, as peroxide helps to whiten your smile, it can cause sensitivity in your teeth.

Teeth Sensitivity

Throughout our lives, eating and drinking certain foods can cause the enamel, or protective layer on the outside of our teeth, to breakdown. When our enamel breaks down, it can result in your teeth being sensitive to hot or cold, or even in oral health routines. If this is the case for you, a sensitive toothpaste may be the best way to go. Sensitive toothpaste is easy to spot as it has a logo on the box from the American Dental Association (ADA) labeling the product as sensitive. These products contain certain ingredients that make them less abrasive on your teeth, and thus helping with sensitivity issues.  


Each toothpaste will depend on your own personal preferences and what is best for your teeth, but an important piece to look for is fluoride. Fluoride is one of the main active ingredients that works to reverse enamel breakdown, fights tooth decay, targets gum tissue inflammation, and can reduce teeth sensitivity. It is a natural mineral that helps strengthen enamel and is beneficial for your oral health.
With the various aspects of toothpaste, it is important to consider what your personal needs are. Your dentist can help with that. Be kind to yourself, kind to your teeth and find what product will be most beneficial for you. Hick’s Dental Group is here to help from general dentistry needs to cosmetic dentistry needs. We are here for you!


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