Same Day Crowns – All You’ll Need To Know

Same Day Crowns – All You’ll Need To Know

Most people don’t believe it when they hear it! But it’s true. Dental visits have advanced so much with today’s technology that it’s making it a little easier to get into the office.

Cerec crowns are same day crowns to ease the pain of having that awful temporary on for weeks at a time. I mean, you’re paying for it so it only makes sense to actually have the product, right? Normally, the dentist would prep your tooth and take some impressions for a lab to make the crown in. Now in the mean time, you’ll have a temporary. It’s usually going to be rough, weak, or just uncomfortable. You’re constantly worrying about breaking the thing or that it will pop out and you’ll lose it. With Cerec same day crowns in Prescott you’ll have the tooth prepped but instead of those terrible goopy impressions, it’s a digital image. After the digital image is done, either the assistant or dentist will design the crown and start the milling process. One of the awesome things our office does when you’re having this awesome crown down, is let you watch the process. You can actually see your own crown being made. I’m going to list some more advantages for you as a patient to getting a same day crown.

1. The big one, NO TEMPORARY!

2. You don’t have to wait weeks to receive your crown. Walk in without it, leave with it.

3. You get to sit in on design and make of your crown and really see how it’s handled.

4. There is less reduction needed on the actually tooth structure to support a Cerec crown. So your dentist doesn’t need to take your tooth down to a little “stub”.

5. Digital imaging is more accurate than a goopy impression. Therefore your crown will be the best possible fit.

6. You could restore your mouth in a matter of hours! Cosmetic aspects of Cerec crowns are wonderful! You can leave with a brand new smile.

7. Cerec crowns are biocompatible and they mimic the physical properties of natural teeth.

8. They have no metal and are completely constructed of ceramic material.

These are just SOME of the main advantages to “Same Day Crowns”! Don’t just take our word for it! Get into a local dentist that offers this product and talk to them about your options.