Preventative Dentistry is Affordable Dentistry in Prescott AZ!

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Preventative Dentistry is Affordable Dentistry in Prescott AZ!

Have you ever caught your self skipping the dentist because it’s to expensive? Read on!

We find in dental offices most patients have waited so long to return because they don’t have the money. These patients are then scene months or years later with a tooth ache. Don’t become one of these patients! Remember: affordable dentistry in Prescott AZ!

Things to know BEFORE the tooth ache.

When a tooth starts hurting or aching, you’re most likely going to need more than a simple filling. And trust me, it’s most likely going to be more expensive and could lose the tooth the longer you wait.

Typically, a tooth ache occurs when there is need for more serious treatment, like the “oh so dreaded” root canal! And then there’s always the more serious treatment, EXTRACTION!!! dun dun duuun! Once a tooth has to be extracted, the dollar amount goes up drastically to replace that tooth! Implants would be the best option but could run you $5,000 or more! There’s always a removable option around the $1,000 but you have to remove it! Who wants that unless you have no other choice?! Certainly not me!

It’s always going to cost money to go to the dentist, whether it’s a check up or a cleaning. The fact of the matter is, a biyearly check up and x-rays will keep the cavities from getting large enough to need a root canal or extraction. So yes, it may cost more to go to the dentist that month than skipping it, but in the future it’s going to cost you more than just going in.

Don’t wait until you get a toothache! By then, it may be to late!