Importance of Your Smile

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Importance of Your Smile

A smile brings about more benefits than you may realize. A genuine smile embraces who you are and helps to improve your quality of life. There are several reasons that a smile is important, and Hicks Dental Group (located in Prescott, AZ) can help you gain more confidence in who you are through embracing a smile you would be proud of. There are many reasons why embracing your smile is beneficial for you.

Smiling Can Get You a Job

When you are smiling, many people look to a person’s mouth to gage their mood. Smiling shows confidence, intelligence and attracts people to your personality. With a smile, it can communicate that you are a successful person. People want to be around those who are positive and smiling can radiate that. An employer wants to hire someone they can trust, someone who not only knows the job, but who will get along with those around them as well. Smiling disarms fears allowing people to be more open to who you are. It is a sure fire tip to progress towards gaining your dream job. Simple and powerful.

Smiling is a Stress Reliever

When the day is a bummer, or something gets you down, smiling can change your day. The old adage, “fake it until you make it” proves true when it comes to your mood. When smiling, it actually can trick your brain into believing you are happy and thus able to let go of stress or anxiety. Those who smile more often are shown to be happier people all around, as psychologists have studied and proven.  

Smiling Boosts Your Immune System

When you smile, you are releasing serotonin and endorphins as your body relaxes. These are the “happy” hormones in your body that improve attitude and mood. So if you want to feel good mentally and physically, embrace your smile.

Some people can feel ashamed of their smiles, creating an anxious feeling when they smile. This may be due to a chipped tooth, discoloration of the teeth or gum issues. If this is the case, seek help from your friendly dentist who can address your cosmetic dentistry needs, and Hick’s Dental Group in Prescott can be the one to do that. Their cosmetic dentistry is top notch and able to address all your smiling needs.
Smiling is a universal language that breaks down barriers, way lays fears, and shows your authenticity. Life is too short not to smile. Embrace your beautiful smile.