Importance of Dental Sealants

Importance of Dental Sealants

Deep crevices in our teeth are excellent hiding places for bacteria that cause cavities.  To protect your teeth from cavities forming and causing pain, dental sealants can be very beneficial. Sealants are added protection for your teeth in the fight against cavity-causing bacteria. Hicks Dental Group is passionate about general and cosmetic dentistry services that provide you with the healthiest and best-looking teeth possible.

What Does a Sealant Do?

We all have bacteria in our mouths, but when food particles are left sitting in these deep crevices, that bacteria can be damaging. As bacteria consume leftover food particles, an acid is produced which eats away at the enamel of your teeth, forming holes, or cavities. Sealants are a protective coating that is bonded to the chewing surfaces of premolars and molars, where deep, hard-to-clean crevices are most prevalent. They provide a thin, “raincoat” type of protection over your enamel, which helps reduce tooth decay.

Application of Sealants

The process of adhering sealants to your teeth for further protection is a quick and painless same day procedure. To start with, we will clean your teeth to remove any leftover food particles and bacteria in the area. Next, an acidic gel is applied to the molars that will be sealed, creating a bonding surface for the sealant. The gel is rinsed off and the sealant is painted onto your teeth. A curing light is used to harden the sealant material. Your dental sealants will be then in place and able to provide the protection you need.

Long Lasting

Sealants are a great, long-lasting choice for increasing your protection from cavities. A well-maintained sealant lasts several years. Long term, sealants will be able to not only save you unneeded pain, but also time and money. To learn more about great care for your sealants, contact us at Hicks Dental Group today!