Benefits of Invisalign Versus Traditional Braces

Benefits of Invisalign

Benefits of Invisalign Versus Traditional Braces

Most of us would dread the thought of wearing ugly, metal braces which is why many are opting to use Invisalign for straighter, healthier teeth. As you may know, Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that is made of flexible plastic instead of conventional metal. If you’re looking for the right option for you or your child, you may really want to consider the benefits of Invisalign over traditional braces since they improve the quality of life in a number of ways. 

Much Less Noticeable

Gone are the days of permanent, metal brace face. The clear plastic of Invisalign is often unnoticeable. Many patients report an increase in self-confidence and admit that they don’t hate appearing in photos anymore. Which brings us to our next point. 


As you likely know already, Invisalign is removable. This means you can now eat anything you want! With normal braces, you miss out on all the bracket-breaking hard foods like popcorn and apples. Don’t want your Invisalign to show in a photo? Just take them out for a minute. 

Lower maintenance and more comfort! 

No more broken brackets, food getting stuck within their crevices or metal catching on the inside of your mouth. The dreaded rubber bands are also gone with this option. Plus, it is a much more enjoyable experience at the dentist’s office because you won’t have to sit through your dentist applying and taking off metal that is glued to your teeth. 


Invisalign is highly effective in treating crooked teeth in both teens and adults. It works for a wide range of people whose teeth are too crowded or have spaces between them. 

While the benefits of them make an incredible option for many, they do have some limitations for certain individuals. However, your dentist can easily evaluate you to see if you are a good candidate for this type of treatment. Another drawback may be the cost. If you’re on a tight budget, the cost of Invisalign can be higher but the difference in price is not always that significant. 

Before making your final decision, be sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist/orthodontist. At Hicks Dental, we understand the pros and cons of both options and strive to help our patients make informed decisions on which option is best for them. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to see if Invisalign is right for you!