The All-on-4® Treatment in Prescott, Arizona

All-on-4 Treatment in Prescott, Arizona - person smiling

The All-on-4® Treatment in Prescott, Arizona

If you have very damaged teeth or are missing all of your teeth, the All-on-4® treatment may be the best solution to restoring your smile. This special dental implant concept was developed in 1988 by Dr. Paulo Malo and began manufacture in 2004 by Nobel Biocare. The All-on-4® concept is intended for patients who are looking for a long-lasting solution to either partially or fully missing teeth.

The All-on-4® concept is intended for use with your upper and lower jaw. Most standard implants are created to replace one tooth, whereas All-on-4® will provide patients with a whole new set of artificial teeth. There are four implants total that will hold either your upper or lower set of teeth in place. There are two titanium posts that are surgically positioned straight in the center of your gums and an additional two that are held in at a 45 degree angle on opposing sides of your gums. This same procedure can be repeated on either the upper or lower jaw to give the patient an entirely new set of teeth. The angle at which the implants are inserted prevents large amounts of the jawbone from being drilled into, but still provides a secure set of implants.

Many patients have noticed significant improvement to their daily function after receiving the All-on-4 treatment. The procedure can help patients not only improve the way they feel about their appearance, but can greatly help repair speech issues and improve their ability to eat difficult-to-chew foods. The procedure is done all at once, restoring the use of the patient’s mouth faster and at a lower cost than several individual implants.

Hicks Dental Group specializes in dental implants and frequently practices the All-on-4® treatment in Prescott, Arizona. Dr. Scott Hicks and Dr. Paul Hicks understand the importance of having not only a beautiful smile, but a fully functioning set of teeth. If you are struggling with eating, your speech, or the appearance of your smile, Hicks Dental Group can help replace damaged or missing teeth with customized, artificial teeth that look identical to your natural teeth.

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