5 Top At Home Whitening Systems!

5 Top At Home Whitening Systems!

Based on personal experiences in our dental office, these are the top 5 whitening systems to use at home for teeth whitening in Prescott!


1. Crest White Strips


This product can be a little bit pricy but there’s a reason for that, IT WORKS! Based on our experience it shows the fastest results and is easy to maintain. You can pretty much find it at any local grocery store.


2. Platinum White Success


This product is absolutely amazing! It comes with customizable trays for those who don’t have them as well. The results showed within 2 days and they last, not a lot of touch up bleaching either! This product did make my teeth quite sensitive and definitely irritated the gum tissue if to much gel was applied. (learned my lesson the first time) The price tag on this product is around the 20$ range – can’t beat that! Only problem with this product is it’s a little hard to track down. It used to be at my local grocer, but now I order it offline!


3. Colgate Simply White


This is a brush on application and it’s very easy to track down. If you’re looking for dramatic results, this probably isn’t the product for you! but if you just want an easy touch up product, this is great and very affordable!


4. Colgate Optic White pen and toothbrush kit


This is an easy application product that you see results within the first 3 days! (which the product claims as well) This product tastes great, didn’t cause any sensitivity and doesn’t require a long application time! I put the pen in my purse and tend to use it while sitting at stop lights! (No, I wouldn’t recommend that but it’s that easy to use!) The only problem I’ve found is they don’t just sell the pen, you have to also buy the toothbrush. But there’s nothing wrong with having a few extra brushes lying around! and for the price of around 12$, It’s great! and it lasts quite a while before it runs out!


5. Activated Charcoal


Now, this Is not advertised as a bleaching solution. This is an herb used to absorb inside the body. They are usually sold in capsule form. The theory behind the charcoal is to absorb stain. So if you’re a frequent bleacher, but drink some wine or coffee and are noticing some staining happening, Instead of bleaching, this product would work great! You break open the capsule in a small bowl (over the bathroom sink is advised because it’s a black powder that tends to get a little messy) and use your finger or tooth brush, and gently paint it on your teeth. I left the product on for maybe 10  min and rinsed it of. What a difference it made! I now use this as weekly routine! Very inexpensive and lasts for such a long time how could you not try it!